What is the aim of this event?

On one hand, the 24h of Innovation Barcelona is an opportunity for vocational training students to put their ideas into action, participating as protagonists in the co-creation of innovative solutions to the challenges of large companies. On the other hand, it is a unique opportunity for teachers to learn new ways of teaching in educational environments. Finally, it allows to show the talent of the VET to the big leading companies of the economic fabric.

What is the Design Thinking methodology?
Design Thinking is a methodology whose main aim is to generate ideas, starting from the understanding of the real needs of people in order to build innovative solutions.
Which companies participate?
Companies that have already participated are Nestlé, Media Markt, Bayer, Vueling among others.
Which participation modalities exist?
This year the 24 hours of innovation offers two modalities of participation: the School Hub and the Face-to-face.
What does it mean School Hub?
The School Hub format refers to a network of schools. In other words, each school that participates in this modality will be the headquarters of its team and will be connected to the rest of the participants via a video conferencing platform. A big opportunity to learn about useful digital tools. Take advantage of the facilities that the hybrid format brings.
How will the face-to-face modalty be?
The face-to-face modality will have 24 teams that will be able to enjoy 24 hours working in a space prepared exclusively for this day and with all the materials and tools to prototype.
Where will the face-to-face modality be held?
This year the 24h of Innovation Barcelona will be held at the Design Hub Barcelona (Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38, 08018). Students and teachers who register to the face-to-face modality will have 24 hour access to the space.
Can my center participate in both modalities?
Yes, each center can choose to participate in different modalities of participation. Taking into account that in the face-to-face modality there is a limited number of participants and that the teams that participate in School Hub need to have shakers to support them.
What do the prizes consist of?
The prize of the 24 hours for the students will be qualified training to work out their talent. Beside the students, the schools will also receive an economic prize as a donation for the school.
Where can I find the rules?

In this LINK you will find the rules of the 24h of Innovation Barcelona.

Who organizes the event?
The event is organized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and sponsored by CaixaBank Dualiza.


How many students should a team have?
Teams must have 6 to 8 members. The organizers recommend that there should be 7, as odd-numbered teams are useful, for example, for voting and to avoid ties.
How many shakers (teachers) are needed to coordinate a team in the School Hub option?
It is recommended that you work in teams of 2-3 shakers. However, this is not a prerequisite, so if you think you can do it alone, don’t miss the opportunity to participate. However, it is important that the team is always accompanied by a shaker.
How many shakers (teachers) are needed to coordinate an face-to-face team?
Each team will be supported by a shaker (teacher). This shaker will be a teacher who has registered to participate in this modality. In addition, the 24 hour innovation event will provide facilitators to help shakers and teams to solve the challenges.
Who creates the teams?
In the School Hub modality, the teams are defined by each school. However, we recommend to mix their skills to get as many interdisciplinary teams as possible, as this improves the proposed solutions. In the face-to-face modality, the teams are dfined by the organization using Eduteams, a tool developed by the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC). A personality and skills form will be sent to all the selected students and using AI, maximally heterogeneous groups will be formed for efficient collaboration.
What do I have to bring if I attend in person?
Identity card to access to the space. Bring sleeping bad and isolationg to be able to rest when you need it. Bring a computer to work, charger both for the computer and the mobile. Desire to enjoy the experience!
Which are the criteria for selecting the participants who will attend in person?
In the case of exceeding the maximum number of attendees, the selection will be made taking into account the order of registration and prioritizing the participation of the maximum number of schools.
What materials or resources does the school need in order to participate?
Depending on the proposed solution to the challenge that the teams come up with, different materials could be used. Digital tools like Tinkercad, Google Sites or Zoom, among others. And also materials to work with the hands such as cardboard, markers, scissors, glue… or technological tools such as 3D printers.
Can there be more than one team per school?
Yes, there can be more than one team per school, but this will depend on the number of teams that want to participate.
Can we choose the challenge we want to work on?
No, it is up to the organization to choose the challenge for each team.
When will we know the challenge we have to work on?
The challenge will be known on the day of the event.
What types of challenges will we find?
The challenges will be of all kinds of specialities such as marketing, IT, health, manufacturing, electronics, automotive or chemistry. And the solutions can be of all kinds, from products, software, services, artistic creations, etc. There is no limit to your creativity and originality.
During the day, will there be any kind of follow-up?
Yes, we will all be connected by videoconference. In addition, there will be a broadcast of the event to show our work to anyone who wants to see it.


When does the event start and when does it finish?

The event starts at 9 a.m. on Wednesday 15th and ends at 9 a.m. on Thursday 16th. However, the 24 hours of prototyping count from 10 a.m. on Wednesday 15th to 10 a.m. on Thursday 16th. During the 16th, the presentations of the projects on-site will take place and the finalists of the two modalities will be selected and the prizes will be given to the best projects.

Does the school have to be open 24 hours?
School should NOT be open 24 hours a day. New technologies make it possible to continue working remotely once the school is closed. However, it is recommended that you experience the entire event in person.
Is there space to have a rest?
It is important to have moments of relaxation and rest. The organization is aware of the importance of having a break, and rest, in order to be creative. The students who are working at the Design Hub Barcelona will have a room to rest and the shakers will have access to a hotel near the space.
What about the food?
Although there are spaces for lunch, breakfast, lunch and dinner, it will be up to each school to provide meals for the students. For people who are in Design Hub Barcelona, the meals will be provided by the organization.


Are there any requirements to participate, whether students or teachers?
There are only two requirements. You must be a teacher or student of any vocational training school and you must be above 18 years old to participate in this unique and exciting experience.
What do I need to participate?
As teachers you need a computer and network with the minimum requirements to support video conferencing programmes. We recommend using a wired network whenever possible. In addition, students should have a technological resource such as a computer, tablet,… to carry out the research and/or digital prototypes.
Who should register for the event?
It is the teacher who must register the team or teams that will participate in their school. At no time will it be the students or the school who will do the registration. We recommend that you use the most common email address for registration.
Is there any training before the event?
Teachers will have a pre-event training session where the structure of the event and the different phases that will be worked on throughout the day will be explained. This session will be recorded and made public. And the teachers who attend in person (shakers), will have a pre-event training session where the structure of the event and the different phases that will be used on throughout the day will also be explained, as well as their role / responsibility during the event.
During some hours I will not be able to participate because I work or have a class… Will this prevent me from registering?
If you are a teacher, it is advisable to have a shaker with the team during the whole process. In the case of students, all of them must be available all 24 hours.